Daniel (xenxeno) wrote in transtexas,

gender change

Is it possible to get a court order for gender change minus having chest or bottom surgery here in Texas? Does anyone know of a lawyer that could help me make this possible or can I do this on my own?
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Phyllis Frye. I think she's based near Houston. It costs around $3000 from what I've heard. Good luck!
Phyllis Frye is absolutely horrible. According to her I have to get a hysterectomy along with top surgery in order to get the gender change done. I honestly don't think that is necessary.
Huh, I had heard that she specifically was able to get trans folks a gender change without surgery. I'll have to remember that.

My therapist has suggested that you can get a gender change in Texas on your own if you've had a hysto, which is what I plan to do, but YMMV. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
Yes, she can get you a gender change without surgery but the order is only good for changing the marker on your drivers license and other similar ids. She specifically told me that I could not use it to get my birth certificate changed. If I had the hysto then she could get me that type of order.

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man chest surgery is what i'm seriously trying to get taken care of. please give me more info on that. is there a certain surgeon I need to get in contact with?
Ohhh, that makes sense. I don't have a TX birth certificate, so I know absolutely nothing about changing that.
Antoyneod is wrong - you can't do it for free, and there's lots of things to know to get it done. You really need a lawyer.There's a good one in Dallas who will do everything you need for a name and gender change in Texas for you no matter where you live - application for new social security, passport, voter id, court order, he takes care of everything. I don't think you need full surgery to get it done. He works with your doctor. Eric Gormly in Dallas. He charged around $2500 for everything, He's really nice, understanding, easy to work with. Seemed to really know what he was doing.


December 15 2013, 06:57:02 UTC 3 years ago

Most of us don't just have $3000 laying around, though.
Exactly. That money can go towards other aspects of transitioning.


January 6 2014, 22:46:10 UTC 3 years ago

Deanna Whitley in San Antonio has been helping transgendered people for some time now. the Whitley law firm. Its not free but not as expensive as the other posts are quoting.
Thanks. I found lawyer Lorie Burch in Dallas and was able to get it taken care of. It was a great experience and her fee was approx $700.


February 19 2014, 07:07:57 UTC 3 years ago

I'm in Dallas as well. Did Lorie Burch take care of your name change and gender marker change for $700? If so, I'm calling her this week.
Yes approximately. Please give her a call.


June 3 2014, 22:48:18 UTC 2 years ago

Did you get your birth certificate sex amended as well?
Yes I was able to get my birth certificate amended too with the court order.


January 7 2015, 06:37:31 UTC 2 years ago

Could you send me the information of the lawyer that you went through. I already have name change on DL and Social Security, but need gender marker changed and have my birth certificate changed.


May 25 2016, 17:02:15 UTC 12 months ago

how did you get your gender changed in texas?


January 6 2014, 22:48:12 UTC 3 years ago

Deanna Whitley in San Antonio has been helping transgendered people for some time now. the Whitley law firm. Its not free but not as expensive as the other posts are quoting.http://www.whitleylawfirmpc.com (http://www.whitleylawfirmpc.com)