misfiled_mutt (misfiled_mutt) wrote in transtexas,

not sure what to do

I've run into a brick wall. can anyone suggest an ftm friendly ob gyn in the San Antonio area?? i live south of San Antonio and I've run into the problem that my family history has caught up with me. ovarian cancer runs in my family i was diagnosed with ovarian cysts at 15 and had to undergo surgery because they had gotten really bad. i opted for a hysto then but because i was a minor my doc gave my mom the final say and she decided she wants grand kids so i didn't get to have it done. now my cysts are back I'm in constant pain and taking pain pills like they are pez. the doctors here look at me like I'm a circus side show act and call me a liar. every doctor I've gone to keeps telling me I'm just trying to get around the laws to have a hysto. anyone have a suggestion or know a doc who can help? 

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